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I have several surfaces that come together to create a single solid body, but when I import the igs I see one patch is missing. The goal is to get SpaceClaim to create the missing surface than turn the whole thing into one solid object with no holes and no cavities.

I have tried Fill tool and Gaps tool and Missing Faces tool. One of the images below shows the error when I try to create the missing face by selecting the edges that would be its boundary. The tool says no missing faces, but there is a missing face.

How should I get that missing face and then convert to solid?


Images Below:


  • @ansysuser

    Add a plane that is just inside the boundary edges. Use that plane with Split Body to trim back the surfaces. It will be much easier to add a planar face to close that missing face.

  • Thank you peteroznewman,

    The thing is that this is already planar - in other words the highlighted curves all lie in a plane. This can be seen in the first image I showed.

    What steps would you recommend I try next? Am I using the right tools (Fill, Gaps, Missing Faces) for this purpose? Other tools?

    Thanks again

  • @ansysuser

    I would create a plane, just slightly inside the end (a known trim amount). Sketch a rectangle on that plane that is slightly larger than the section. When you return to 3D mode, you will have a planar surface. Now use either the Split Body button with the Target being the new surface and the tool being the two faces, with the option checked to Keep Cutter. You should be able to split the planar face into two pieces. Delete the outside face.

    Do Split Body to trim the two wing surfaces to the new plane, delete the small pieces at the end.

    Use Combine and the + option to Unite all the surfaces into one solid body. If successful, you can use the Pull tool to recover the known trim amount.

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    I figured out how to do it. I exported the surfaces to DesignModeler as an igs, then used the "Surfaces from Edges" feature to seal off the open space with a surface. Then I exported this back to SpaceClaim and used Stitch to convert the surfaces to a single solid. I am glad DesignModeler could step in where SpaceClaim could not!

    Thanks for the help.

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