How to open LS-DYNA?

I have a problem using ANSYS LS-DYNA. I have installed the ANSYS software through CMC with the license: Ansys Campus Solutions (Research). Later, since I needed to work with LS-DYNA, I found that the student version has this for free. I have installed the Ansys 2020R2 LS-DYNA Student. However, I cannot open LS-DYNA. Image1 shows the options I see through the start menu.

When I click on LS-DYNA PowerShell from the Start menu, the LS-DYNA Powershell window pops up. (Image2) 

From this window, I can open LS-Prepost just by typing lspp. However, to work with LS-DYNA, when I type lsdyna in the command prompt, it gives the following error (Image3), and I am not sure how to fix it.

Your help is truly appreciated!

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