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good morning, i have a problem where i need to stretch a spring and after stretching if a thermal condition is given it should return back to its original shape. i used contact step control. My spring is stretching but isn't getting back to its original shape.

I have posted the images above. please go through this problem and please help me get out of this problem.


  • Kindly please respond anyone

  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    From the model setup, you specified a displacement 26.78 which ramps down to zero at end of simulation. After the contact is activated, the spring on the right should stretch while that displacement ramp down to zero, and the displacement result you showed appears to agree with that. Could you clarify further on the problem? Which spring is supposed to go back to its original position, the one on the left or right?

  • The one on the right. The position you are seeing in the image for the right spring is expaded position. It needs to get back to its original position i.e. unstreched position. If you could please tell me how to upload the file, it wolud be better to understand. Thank you.


  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    Is the contact between the two springs supposed to break off in the last load step? Otherwise how can it get back to its original position if it is held by the left spring? Currently you have contact between the two springs active till the very end.

  • no the contact should be intact. It should not break, while the right spring is getting back to its original shape, it expands the left spring, that's the aim of the analysis.

  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    ok, but your left spring has a "0" X displacement condition at the end, which means that joint has to return to its original position and the left spring is NOT free to move. I think what's intended is to have the joint displacement condition (if it is attached to the left spring as I understand) "deactivated" for the final load step. Meaning the displacement BC is removed for the left spring and it is free to move, is this understanding correct?

  • Yes I have tried that too. but the spring isn't going completely to its original position. please take a look at the pictures below.

  • Any one please help me get out of this.

    @HuiLiu @pengchengyin @Ani94

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