Ansys Resizing Topology Optimization Output

I ran a topology optimization on a part I am working on. However, I only wanted to reduce the mass of a certain area and created a Named Selection for this region. When I opened up the output geometry for a Design Validation System. The optimized part is much larger than the original model and is in a different location. How can I get the output model match the exact size of the input?

Thank you for any suggestions. I am new to Ansys and this forum has helped me far more than I could've asked for.

The original model is the small part near the origin on the left.


  • HuiLiuHuiLiu Forum Coordinator

    Ansys staff can't download files from the forum, could you show more screenshot to describe the problem? How did you export the model for validation, did you export the STL and view in SpaceClaim? If you didn't view in SpaceClaim, can you verify if it looks correct in SpaceClaim?

  • cweacwea Member

    My current setup is a static structural linked to a topology optimization linked to a validation system (static structural) as shown below.

    The output looks correct but its sizing is completely wrong as showed in the picture from the original post. Here is an image of the project tree showing the optimization region settings.

    After creating a validation system, I open up the Geometry which opens in spaceclaim. SYS-1 (the unchanged original model is located near the origin in spaceclaim. The optimized geometry is far away, much bigger, and not even in the same plane.

    The small black body near the origin is the original geometry.

    I apologize for the late response. Thank you for any suggestions @HuiLiu. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.

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