Incident Wave with LatticePairs (periodic structure)

I am trying to simulate an infinite periodic metasurface, using an incident plane wave and LatticePairs, with the wave incident at some oblique angle. This wasn't working and I have simplified the problem to scattering from an infinite dielectric slab (see attached image).

I am aware that this is possible with FloquetPorts, but I would like to use an incident wave to reduce computational cost. I have tried terminating the structure with radiation boundaries and PMLs (where the FloquetPorts would otherwise be). However, it seems that there is not a pure travelling wave on the transmission side (ComplexMag_E is a partial standing wave as in the second attached image).

This makes me wonder: do LatticePairs work with a periodic incident field?

This forum doesn't seem to let me include the *.aedt file so here is a link:


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