Harmonic analysis and Speed Sweep in Maxwell 2D

Hello everyone,

Problem Statement

I've recently done harmonic analysis of a motor model by coupling with ansys electromagnetic in workbench. This analysis was done for a fixed speed of the motor. What I want to do is sweep the speed of the motor and do the harmonic analysis simultaneously. 

What I've tried

I have tried changing the speed like the picture shown above (after setting speed as a variable through optimetrics in Maxwell 2D). But this doesn't work. Throws me an error saying "unable to change external field data of type Maxwell2DSolution from ...AnsoftTransferData.xml". I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

Any suggestion on how to perform this speed sweep for the model and do the harmonic analysis at the same time would be highly appreciated. 


Shuvajit Das


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    We don't have any Maxwell cover on here at the moment, please can you talk to your supervisor and see if they can access the Customer Portal to ask for support? Otherwise you'll need to wait for the community.

    Best wishes,

  • NathanEmeryNathanEmery Member
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    Hi Shuvajit, 

    I am also trying to do the multiple speed sweep connection from Maxwell but have so far been unsuccessful. Like you I have it working for single rpm. 

    I am curious if you figured out the issue and if you did could you please share how you fixed it. 


    Thank you and all the best, 


  • shuvajit_1462shuvajit_1462 Member
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    NathanEmery, I think with ANSYS 2019 R2 they have included this option of speed sweep for harmonic analysis. Please take a look ! 

    Hope this helps ! 

  • NathanEmeryNathanEmery Member
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    Hi Shuvajitt, 


    I setup the harmonic response for multiple RPMs but only one from ANSYS Maxwell gets imported. The force that imports is the force from the rpm that was defined in the Maxwell project variables and the import transfer definition says Setup 1: Transient as in the pictures below. 

    How do I make this the ParametricSetup 1, there is no option for this. 


    Please advise how you uploaded multiple RPMs from Maxwell





  • shuvajit_1462shuvajit_1462 Member
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    I'm afraid I haven't used 2019 R2 personally. I suppose you would be able to find help documents from ANSYS about the multi-RPM setup for harmonic analysis. 

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