UDF data access macros for wall fluxes?

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In Fluent 20.1, I'm looking for UDF data access macros for the field variables that can be accessed via the GUI in the Wall Fluxes category. I read through the Customization Manual but did not find other access macros than the obvious Face Macros like F_U(f,t), F_T(f,t) etc.

Specifically, I'm interested in radiation fluxes (I'm using the DO-model and solar radiation):

  • Absorbed visible solar flux
  • Absorbed IR solar flux
  • Surface incident radiation
  • Radiation Heat Flux

On cfd-online, I found that the Surface incident radiation can be accessed with F_DO_IRRAD_SHELL(f,t,nb) (https://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/fluent-udf/202342-surface-incident-radiation-macro.html). However, I could not find this macro in the documentation or any of the other radiation field variables.

Another question: Surface incident and Incident radiation include does not include the solar radiation, right?


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    We don't have a complete list of the macros in the documentation but if you hunt through the header files you should find most of what you want. they're in the /src folder within the Fluent installation directory. You may also need to retain all data during the calculation for some of these, there's a TUI command in the UDF manual that tells you where that is.

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    Just to add to @Rob 's comment - surface incident radiation includes the solar fluxes. The value can be obtained from Surface integrals -> Wall Fluxes.


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