Difficulty to obtain a conformal mesh

Hello everybody,

I am trying to mesh a complex geometry for a steady-state electrical simulation. I mesh the domain with Fluent using quadratic element. I also added a Patch Conforming method using tetrahedrons.

After reading different topics about conformal mesh, I opened my geometry on DesignModeler, and put all bodies into a single part (since I have different materials).

The mesh is conformal for every bodies, except one, and I can't explain why. With previous and similar geometry this problem did not occur. I tried setting the Topology to Share in SpaceClaim without success.

On the picture below (element looks very bad but it is because I took the screenshot in a section plane in order to detect the issue) the cold-green long body is not conformal with the rest. On the other hand the grey, orange and blue bodies are OK.

Do you have any idea how to solve this ?


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