LSPP - Change representation of 2D shell elements to view thickness

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I am wondering if it is possible (in LS-PrePost) to change the view representation of elements, specifically 2D elements. LSPP currently displays shell elements as flat plates, but I have previously used HyperMesh and found the ability to switch the display of shells to show the thickness to be helpful (i.e. they now look like blocks, even though they are still shells - I find this helpful for making sure there is no interference between parts). I have attached two images for a graphical depiction of what exactly I am looking for - the first image shows the flat (green) plate with shell elements shown in 2D (as they would be in LSPP), where the second image shows the flat plate with shell elements and their thickness (i.e. they show up in 3D, even though they are still 2D). I took these screenshots from HM, but want to know if this is also possible in LSPP.

Please let me know if you require any further clarification.



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    In LS-PrePost, after your read in the d3plot data, shells may be viewed as solids by selecting

    Model>Appear>Thick>All Vis

    If the shells are comprised of *MAT_RIGID, I believe you must also read the keyword input data into LS-PrePost for this to work. Otherwise, just the d3plot data is sufficient.

  • Thank you for your response! This is really helpful.

    Is it only possible to view shells as solids after running the simulation (i.e. only with the d3plot data) or is it possible to do it in the preprocessing stage as well?

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