How can i prevent for a core material to end in a 45 degree angle in ACP Pre. Is this drapping?

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Hello, im new to Ansys and to this forum.

Im from Honduras and im developing a new wing for an ultralight aircraft as a project of mine.

Doing the design in ACP PRE i configure the Spar stackups and the spar web consist of 1 layer of Bi CF, then a foam core and then another layer of Bi CF.

when ACP pre does the solid model, it drapes the foam core to an angle of , maybe, 45 degree. This in turns when making the structural analysis seems that makes the spar weak because of the small thickness due to the drapping. Please see the images attached.

Could you show me how can i prevent from having that 45 degree angle on the foam core?

Thanks in advance!

Yatzil Fajardo

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