How to apply 3-Phase Current to 6 Coils (2 Coils Per Phase)

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Hello Everyone,

I want to apply 3 Phase current to 6 coils in Eddy Current Solver of Ansys Maxwell. I get the Coil and Stator arrangement from SRMCore. I split them and assign material to each. I make 3 current winding with peak current of 350A and phase of 0°, 120° and 240° respectively. 

By applying section to the coil I get planer ports to make Coil Terminal. The attached images show the location of plane or terminals and current direction. 

The question is what should be the direction of current in opposite facing coils which are in same phase. (Please see the attached images for clear view: same color coils are in a phase)

A) Magnetic field will point in opposite direction because of both opposite facing coils

B) Magnetic field will point in same direction because of both opposite facing coils

If none of these two configurations is correct, then please suggest how can I apply 3 phase current to six 6 coils . Your comment would be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi @kavatar

    The direction of the current will be in opposite direction to each other in this kind of (2 coils per phase) arrangement.

    You can use a right-hand thumb rule to find the correct direction.

    You can also assume it like the coils spread open flat on a paper, instead of circular, for defining direction as per your requirement/configuration.

    From what is shown 2nd configuration seems to be correct. But the green coil directions also need to be reversed.

    If you are analyzing a full SRM motor in a transient simulation. you can look for 6 coils winding arrangement for an SRM motor on the internet for correct winding configuration depending on your rotor.



  • Hello @nchode

    Thanks for your quick and clear response !

    Just to double check - I have attached the image with current direction. Please confirm if this is what you are suggesting



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    Hi kavatar

    It looks good.

    However, remember that motor winding configurations depend on rotor and pole data. Different winding configurations may be possible for a set of slot pole configurations.

    You can go ahead with this configuration.

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