RSM Configuration Ansys 2020 R2

I have 10 computers connected to the same network in our lab and are assigned with static IPs. I am trying to create a cluster with those computers for Ansys Fluent. Each computer has i7 8700 and 12 Gb Ram. We have installed Ansys 2020 R2 on each of them.

Now I would like to use all of their resources for computing one big problem. I've been trying to configure RSM but been unsuccessful so far. I want to create 1 head node and 9 compute nodes, where the head node is also utilized for computing.

Is there some configuration required to combine 9 computers so that the head node recognizes them as 1 cluster? How do I proceed? Any reference to documentation is highly appreciated.

Thank you


  • MangeshANSYSMangeshANSYS Forum Coordinator

    Please refer to RSM Documentation "4.9. Example: Setting Up a Multi-Node ANSYS RSM Cluster (ARC)" for a step by step guide for what you are attempting. Following each step carefully is important.

    Such a setup may not be ideal for scaling.

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