help visualizing velocity in different outlets

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Hi everybody, I'm a newbie and I need your help how visualizing the flow speed in the 2 outlets. I'm using discovery live and I can't have the two speed graphs for the different outlets: tt gives me the same speed for both. What can I do to differentiate the speed calculation? thanks a lot


  • Hello sentenza,

    The fluid volume is hidden by default so you may end up selecting the faces of the solid pipe. Make sure that you have first displayed the fluid volume and then selected its outlet faces for calculating.

  • I de-selected solid body to display only fluid volume and selected the two outlet faces, but i have always the same result. Maybe i have to do some operations on fluid volume? (just like separate in different volumes? ....just a thought). I'm sorry if this is a very basilar question.

  • Hello sentenza

    If you hover the mouse cursor over the chart in the Calculations folder located in the physics tree, it should highlight the face selected as input. is it showing the outlet face in your case? Can you share snapshot where the outlet face is getting highlighted for both the calculators?

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    thank you I solved, It was my mistake in selecting faces.....other questions:

    1) i want to give mass flow at inlet and pressure at the outlet. If I want to give 2 bar as outlet pressure, is this pressure intended as gauge pressure?

    2) if I want to add a compressibile gas like steam in the library, should I consider absolute pressure to calculate density?

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