Biaxial tensile stress simulation of a cruciform specimen

Hello all,

We've been trying to conduct a biaxial tensile stress test on a cruciform specimen to gather the graph of "stress&strain". After many tries in "Static Structural" we found out that the material does not fail in "Static Structural" so that we moved on to "Explicit Dynamics". Following similar projects and applying same conditions altering prior to our project, we keep getting " A general failure occurred during the solution process. " error again and again. We are curious if we are missing something in the simulation and hope that we can conclude this project on the forum. Below are the simulation images and in the appendix two seperate simulation files can be found.

Thanks in advance,

Egehan Ozcelik

Ozyegin University Mechanical Engineering


  • cxquancxquan Berkeley, CAForum Coordinator

    This error message may not be related to the biaxial stress setup. Explicit Dynamics always uses RSM to submit a solve job, even no remote computer is used. So make sure RSM is installed and configured in the computer. Furthermore, if you use multiple cores for parallel processing, make sure Intel MPI or IBM MPI is installed in the computer.

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