ANSYS MAXWELL Simulation errors


I am getting the attached errors when I run my simulation. My setup is pretty much identical to the one in this video (, however my simulations are taking hours long... I am confused on what I am doing wrong. Is it a setup issue or maybe my computer is slow? Any help or guidance on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator
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    Hi @kitzo2

    This type of error mostly occurs due to meshing.

    Avoid any sharp corners in your model.

    You can try the below steps for resolution.

    1) Go to Maxwell>Mesh>Initial mesh settings and change to classic and move the slider on to more fine mesh.

    3) Additionally, you can refer to Maxwell help topics on meshing quick links

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  • Hi @nchode

    I tried that and it is still not working. My simulation took over a day to run and my computer crashed. Below is a picture of my design.

    Any further guidance on the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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