Changing Mesh Sizing parameters

I have been using the sizing feature to change the element size of certain groups of faces. Is there a way to change those parameters (i.e. element size, faces selected) afterwards? There doesn't appear to be an edit option like I would expect.


  • Ok, looks like the key is to get the detail menu back open. I was able to do that by making another sizing, not sure if there's a better way though.

  • @cragbot

    If you click on the box to the left of Element Size, you will turn that into an input Parameter and the value 1e-4 m will show up in the Parameter Set that you access from Workbench. Click on the Parameter set and you will be given a Table of Design Points. In Mechanical, if you click a similar box next to say the Maximum Value of an Equivalent Stress result, you can create an output Parameter.

    Now in the Table of Design Points, you can type row after row if different Element Size values, then with one click on the Update All Design Points button at the top of the Parameter Set tab, Workbench will automatically run the solver with each input value in the table and fill out the output value in the table. This is how you do a Mesh Refinement Study.

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