How to Create Geometry from STL files preserving inner features.

When i tried to create a solid from this STL file, the final solid did not have the inner features. I used the shrink wrap tool and then created a solid from these facets but it only generates the features that is directly in contact with the outer surface. As a result the features inside the bulk are not taken into account. Is there any way to resolve this issue?

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  • @Rajdeep_11

    On the Facets tab, use the Separate All button to make a separate facet body for each interior cavity.

    Separate the facet bodies using Components (may be an optional step?).

    Shrinkwrap each facet body one at a time.

    On the Design tab, use the Combine tool to subtract the interior solids from the exterior solid to recreate the cavities.

  • @peteroznewman the seperate all function didn't work when I selected the whole geometry. Once I cut out the bounding faces and then used it, it created individual facets. Not all of them could be shrinkwrapped(those ones I deleted). I converted the remaining shrink-wrapped bodies into solids and tried to subtract it from a cube of dimensions same as the bounding box but it showed errors.

  • the pores don't have any bounding surface. is that the region it wont let me subtract it from a solid? I am very confused regarding how to get this geometry resolved.

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    You can create solid geometry then convert that to a Facet Body.

    You can use a Facet Surface to cut a Facet Body.

    You have to learn all the tools on the Facet tab,

    Try to do one pore at a time.

    It is a tedious process.

  • Okay I shall give some time to it and update you. Thanks again for your kind help!

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