Ansys Fluent and Li-ion Batteries

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How i chose LiFeP04 as active material , and why there is no option of editing Current collectors thickness?

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    Actually the type of Li-ion battery, to be more specific, the electrode material will affect the simulation in two ways:

    1. Through the material properties such as electric and thermal conductivities etc.;
    2. Through the echem reactions, which is not explicitly included in the NGTK or ECM sub-models while in Neumann P2D sub models, the battery type influenced parameters are mainly the activation energy, charge transfer coefficient etc. In Neumann P2D model, the Butler-Volmer equation is solved for the echem reaction rates, in which the electrode material is not explicitly needed but just the according activation energy or charge transfer coefficient is needed. You will provide these parameters through the panel shown in my first reply. Please read the user guide carefully about the definition of the parameters that are used in the equations in the theory guide.

    Regarding to the current collectors, usually they are tabs connecting with the electrodes/electrolyte so you can explicitly draw them in the mesh and set the material of them to be passive zones. Thanks.


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