Curve fitting for hyperelastic material model with uniaxial compression test data

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I'm trying to model a PVC cable sheath with hyperelastic material behaviour and therefore, among other things, I conducted a uniaxial compression test. I read/heard that test data from uniaxial compression and biaxial tension are interchangable with regard to using it for curve fitting in combination with the Mooney-Rivlin model f.e.

If I put in the data as uniaxial compression data the curve fitting won't acknowledge it at all (it seems, that processing uniaxial compression data is not supported for hyperelastic models - at least, that's what I took away from the ansyshelp page).

So my question is: Do I just take the data of the compression test and put it in as biaxial tension? If not, what's the right way to do it?



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