Sharing topology between hexa- and tetra-mesh

Hi. I'd like to simulate a shell&tube heat exchanger. The tube side is made of 85 tubes, connected from both sides to two manifolds, as in picture (halfened geometry):

The tubes and the manifolds are different bodies grouped into one single component.

I'd like to build a conforming mesh so that the tubes are made of hexahedra and manifolds of tetrahedra, like this:

Unfortunately I'm not able to achieve this, since the mesh fails due to "Patch-conforming tetrahedron mesh failed possibly because of bad boundary mesh". I set the option "Merge" in the Shared Topology menu in SpaceClaim.

I tried also to set the option "Share" in the Shared Topology menu, but it says that it's impossible to generate a mesh.

If i set "None", edges of the meshes don't match.

Help me, please.


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