Simulate the behavior of a solenoid valve


I want to simulate the behavior of a solenoid valve. What function should I use to see during the simulation (animation) how the plunger moves,how it is attracted and then released by the coil?

It is possible to see this translational movement?


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    After you run the simulation(in Maxwell), you can plot the fields.

    Right-click on the field and select animate and follow the onscreen setup.

    you will be able to see the plunger movement with field variation.



  • Hello Navya,

    Thank you for your support.But how can I get this move in maxwell? (Before simulating the program).

    What conditions should be used, or certain translation areas defined?

  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator


    To check the animation before simulating your model.

    1) Define a variable associated with the plunger motion and set up a parametric for that variable.

    Now right click on the modeler window select View>Animate

    Select plunger>Ok

    On the next screen make sure the parametric setup is selected. click ok to see the animation.

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