Rmxprt to Maxwell creation


Whenever I convert Generator (Rmxprt Design ) to Generator (Maxwell-2D) it shows give me the different result of power and torque calculation of permanent magnet synchronous generator. can anyone help how these results are different in Rmxprt and Maxwell-2D? and one more thing how the Moving torque calculated in Simulation.


Rajesh Sirvi

IIT Kanpur


  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator


    RMxprt result depends on the load type selected during the solution setup.

    For example, if you selected a constant power operation and defined the rated output power and rated speed. Rmxprt will output the proportional torque that will satisfy this condition, provided if it is achievable as per your configuration.

    So, the power output will be the rated output power you defined in the solution setup and torque will be such that it satisfies the power and speed condition.

    Coming to maxwell, It will calculate the max power that can be developed at the specified motion setup(angular velocity). thus the torque and output power may be different.

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