Multistage Roll Forming (Error and Question)

jiinhaojiinhao Member Posts: 4

I have created the geometry in solid work and import into Ansys. I had tried several method of setting to run the simulation, but anyhow, the metal sheet never go through the roller. Simulation always stop and ends when the metal sheet have contact with the roller. Please help everyone. Thank you.


  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember Posts: 97

    It is difficult to say for sure what the problem is. I have more questions than answers at this point.

    A good place to start is the feedback available in the solver output.

    Why is it failing to converge? Are you using enough substeps?

    Are there any warnings, error messages?

    Is the metal sheet represented as a surface body? Perhaps it needs to be a solid meshed with SOLSH190 elements to better characterize the thickness change.

    Is the metal sheet material a rate dependent plasticity model?

    Is the contact defined with sufficient coefficient of friction? What is the contact status at point of failure? Do you need a shear stress limit defined (via TAUMAX)?

    Can you try to simulate this with a simplified 2D plane strain problem as a start, just to get something going with a smaller model?

  • jiinhaojiinhao Member Posts: 4

    @jjdoyle Hey nice to meet you, because im new to ansys, and i have lots of question to ask. Would you mind we have another communication method instead of here ? I couldn.t receive any notification when you commented at here. Thanks. Highly appreciate for your support and favor,

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