Id and Iq Currents Values are Zero

Good afternoon

After doing a transient analysis, I obtained the winding currents and the id and iq currents, but even though the winding currents are as I set them, the dq axis isn't recording anything. Is there a particular reason for this?


  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Gad_Lad_1 

    Please provide more information on which machine are you analyzing? Which Ansys tool are you using? is it in 2D or 3D simulation?

    What is your setup?

    How are you setting up the model - is it by importing a dxf / 3d CAD model and setting it up manually or you using RMXprt to create the Maxwell design?

    Add additional screenshots for us to understand where the problem is.



  • 2D Ansys Maxwell setup for a PMSM Motor under transient analysis

  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator

    Have you created the 2D model from RMXpert? For which Id and Iq expressions are automatically written.

    OR are you writing expressions for id and iq in output variables?

    Is it an IPM machine?

    If you do not provide sufficient information it will be very difficult to figure out where the issue is.



  • It was made in RMxprt first, and the motor is an IPM motor. Id and Iq are not written as output variables.

  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator
    edited January 13

    I analyzed an IPM motor in 2020R2 (Maxwell model created from RMxprt) . I didn't face this issue.

    Can you try analyzing an example IPM model and check if you face the same issue?

    Also, check the design sheet for your model in RMXprt for any clues from the results.

    Which version of AEDT are you using?



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