Generaliced Plain Strain in a thin-wall tube: Results and constraints?

I want to model the case of 2D GPS analysis for the section of a tube of 10 meter large with a thin thickness between the inner and the outer walls. The tube is free to expand along its length (z axis)but x and y displacement should be 0 (consideration that can’t be bend=rigid). I want to verify GPS conditions (strain in z axis=constant and Force in z axis=0N)for being sure that i'm doing a GPS analysis.

What I've already done is:

1) Insert a thermal condition in the tube with an external data file (I have coordinates x,y and the temperature).

2)Create a remote point which links the inner and de outer wall.

3) Insert: remote displacement (x=0 y=0 rotation=0 behaviour=deformable).

4)Insert: Generalized Plain Strain (boundary condition=free, Rotation x=Rotation y=0).

With this configuration I have not a constant strain (normal elastic strain differs from being constant). If someone could help me trying to figure out where I have the problem I would be very grateful.

Thank you.🙏


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