HFSS change geometry from cylindrical well to smooth well

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I am new to HFSS and made want to simulate the fields in an aqueous sample trapped in a well etched out in a slab of sapphire. Earlier I used the subtract function to define a cylindrical cavity inside sapphire and filled that cavity with water. The problem is that the cylindrical cavity has sharp boundaries that probably lead to fringes in the observed magnetic field. (Note that when the cylindrical cavity is looked at from the side it will look like a rectangle.

I want to make the cavity smooth, something like a gentle crater inside the sapphire slab rather than sharp boundaries. A side cut of the current cylindrical cavity in sapphire looks like a), and I want it to look like b) or c). How do I cut out a smooth cavity in HFSS that isn't cylindrical but more like a smooth crater within sapphire? The shape of the crater in b) could be hard to define mathematically. In the worst case, I am fine with the slant crater in c) that looks like a trapezoid and not a sharp rectangle when seen from the side.


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    Hi @prannerta100,

    Thank you for reaching to us.

    As Ansys employees we cannot access the attachments. Please use "upload image" option to share the screenshots of your simulation model to help us serve you better.

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    Hi @prannerta100,

    Thank you for sharing the screen shots of your requirement.

    Please find the following ways to create cavity for your need:

    1. For converting (a) to (b), you can make use of "Fillet" option which can give you approximate smoothness at the sharp edges.
    2. For creating a profile similar to (b) directly, draw polylines and use them to create 3D objects.
    3. For creating (c) profile, you can use cone instead of cylinders.

    You can also go through the HFSS Help document if you need any detailed information for using any of the above approaches.

    All the very best.

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