Boundary condition for E-E multiphase model


I am simulating fluid-granular flow using Eulerian model.

I want to ask about the B.C at the inlet for the two phases:

The primary phase (fluid) has a defined velocity inlet, and the secondary phase has constant concentration (or volume fraction at the inlet, let say 4% (0.04)).

I used to specify the inlet fluid velocity and particle volume fraction while keeping particle inlet velocity at zero (because I thought that fluent will automatically calculate the particle velocity based on the volume fraction and the mass flowrate of the inlet fluid). However, i figured that this could be not correct and maybe the reason why I did not get reasonable results.

My question: Shall I specify the particle inlet velocity as the same as the fluid velocity or i need to calculate the actual velocity of particle phase (as mentioned earlier based on Vf and Vf) and then use that velocity as inlet condition.

Thanks in advance


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