appearance of normal stresses after elastic limit during pure shear


In the figure below you will see that the normal stresses T and L start to appear once the elastic limit has been reached. by shear stress T-L. Is it because the way ANSYS calculates the stress (which is Cauchy stress) and that calculates the stresses based on deformed geometry?

Because I am using ls-dyna and when I use elform=0, these normal stresses do not appear in the results. (elform=0 calculates results based on reference geometry).

Also I have checked various boundary conditions myself so there is nothing wrong there.


  • cxquancxquan Berkeley, CAForum Coordinator

    Since you are modelling the pure shear problem that has large (plasticity) shear deformation, ELFORM = 0 is the best choice of the element type, according to LS-DYNA K manual.

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