Basic query to use Eulerian multiphase model

I am simulating a Eulerian-Eulerian multiphase model of gas jet interaction. I am considering three phases in my simulation. I have the following queries:

  1. How can I draw contour plot as the attached image? I only able to see contour of one phase at a time only.
  2. How I can set two different colors for phase 1 and phase 2? In my case, I can see only one phase at a time in a contour and the color shows red.
  3. If I want to apply drag force, do i need to tick the check box of the Drag Modification?


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Drag force and drag modification are subtly different: click on Help in the panel and documentation will appear.

    The top image is likely a contour of the metal phase, it's all metal at the bottom, all gas (zero metal) at the top and a mixture of metal and slag (so less than all metal but not all slag) in the orange bits. Or plot phase ID and you'll (probably) see some combination of colours that may make sense.

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