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  • Hesam062Hesam062 Member Posts: 19

    Hi @vganore @Rob

    I did not find any icon to like a post. Could you show me how I can do it

    Also I am concerned about how I can track the pages (question or discussion) to review them later. I bookmarked some of those and also hit the "Make All Viewed" but I did not find how I can retrieve them later.

    Could you guide me please.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Hi @Hesam062

    Like should show up under the post, along with Flag, Quote etc. You may need validate your email to do this (it'll be in the User settings somewhere).

    Clicking on the "star" at the top of the thread will add a book mark. This should then give you a Notificaiton and/or email when there's a new post. The icon for the notifications is top right next to account options. Given the shear number of posts most of the staff don't bookmark anything.

    Best bet is to have a play with the search tool: with some care you'll find most things through that.

  • Rameez_ul_HaqRameez_ul_Haq Member Posts: 266

    Is it possible to delete a part of discussion if you are the creator of a discussion (to make it more readable if other people decide to read)? Plus, is it possible to still edit a comment to make it more readable after 1 hour has passed?

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    No. We (Ansys Coordinators and Ansys Staff) can edit posts/discussions to tidy up (and often do) but the user access was revoked. On the old forum certain users had a tendency to delete posts or whole discussions which made the threads unusable and prevented others from learning from the answers.

  • Rameez_ul_HaqRameez_ul_Haq Member Posts: 266

    I have linked a thread on your profile, of which I would like to delete a certain portion. Please have a look. Sole reason is to make it appear less confusing and more comprehensible for other users.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    It reads OK to me. The confusing part is caused by so many posts being marked as answers: that promotes them to the front page. If I edit any of your posts it makes @peteroznewman 's responses look odd.

  • Rameez_ul_HaqRameez_ul_Haq Member Posts: 266

    Does it? Since I didn't put any loading and boundary condition in that comment, I thought it appeared kind of off to understand. I did that in the following comment of mine, so I felt it is not necessary to keep the incomplete previous picture and the reply to it. Mr. @peteroznewman already answered the query about that in his comment following the new complete new picture I added, with the loading and boundary condition.

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