Plot inlet velocity profile in LS-PrePost

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Good evening,

I am currently working in LS-DYNA and I am trying to create a pulsatile, sinusoidal inlet velocity (left boundary in image). This v_in I have inserted via the keyword *DEFINE_CURVE_FUNCTION: 0.01*sin(2*3.14/50*TIME).

In order to check my input, I want to plot this velocity over time, specifically at my inlet boundary. I have tried saving data with the keyword *ICFD_DATABASE_NODOUT with DTOUT = 0.01. Then I am trying to plot the v,t-graph in LS-PrePost via MS -> MS-Ascii. I however cannot select an edge (I am missing an Id list?).

So my question: how can I show a v,t-graph over my inlet boundary?

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    Hi LCP,

    There several ways to do so. If you use the MS Post Menu, you can right click on the MS_SOLID object and create a DataPlot Object by Node. You can then click or input a node ID and ask for "Update". This video shows various options available in the MS Post Menu, most notably the DataPlot Object at the 19 minute mark :

    It uses LSPP4.3 but LSPP4.8 works in a similar way (with more options).

    You can also use MS ASCII and the ICFD_DATABASE_NODOUT (or POINTOUT) keywords. there should be an ID list. You can perhaps describe your issue in more details with pictures ? Are you opening the file while it is still being written ? Since it is an ASCII file, you can also open it with any text editor and look for the values you are interested in.

    Finally, I'd like to share this input with you :

    It looks similar to yours (it is an known benchmark test for FSI) but it uses *DEFINE_FUNCTION instead of *DEFINE_CURVE_FUNCTION which you might be interested in as well at one point.



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