Can you define your own time history load per node in fatigue life tool?

In the above picture I show how I successfully ran a multistep temperature load and solved the von-mises stress over time. However, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to export the load history per node for the fatigue life analysis(fatigue tool) as I believe it is only calculating the final time step zero based loading. If I do the history based the on the maximum stress vs time load graph does it apply this singular max stress load to every node in the mesh?


  • danielshawdanielshaw Forum Coordinator Posts: 66

    No. The Mechanical Fatigue Tool (FT) can do a time history analysis using a time-history file, but it uses 1 result set with multipliers (from the time-history file) on that one set of results. It is non-constant amplitude, proportional loading. The magnitude of the stresses change at each result step, but they are proportional.

    You are attempting to a non-constant amplitude, non-proportional loading, where the magnitude of the stresses change at each result set and they are not proportional. The FT cannot do that type of fatigue analysis. You would need to use a more advance fatigue product, such as Ansys nCode DesignLife.

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