Using of PML (perfectly matched layers) in ANSYS Workbench using Command snippents

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Hi ANSYS Community

Is it possible to use  PML (perfectly matched layers) withing ANSYS Workbench environment ?

In APDL we can use PSYS command for this.

I am trying to use this for Soil-structure interaction problem and in APDL it is possible. But trying to figure out how can i integrate into workbench .

Thank you very much


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    Hi @Cpwtub ,

    You can use the command objects in Ansys Mechanical and use the same commands as used in APDL.


    Ashish Khemka

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    Thank you very much for the reply,

    Well I tried this one. But it did not work

    In APDL we normally do it as following... I just put the important commands, following is not a complete command












    In Workbench I could change the elements and keopts at the geometry tree, because i thought that we need to define the PML layers before... not like INFIN...., then i tried to use the psys in a different command snippet ..this did not work. ...So do you know any solutions for this

    Thank you

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