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Ansys SPEOS- Create solar light in the UV to near IR range — Ansys Learning Forum

Ansys SPEOS- Create solar light in the UV to near IR range

jehanxtjehanxt Member Posts: 4


I’m currently trying to apply a solar ray in the range from 250-1700nm on a surface. Below is a picture that represents the spectrum irradiance of the solar light. (I need this because I’m applying this light on a fluorescent dye material)


As the “natural light” option in Ansys SPEOS starts from 380nm I used the “surface” source option to create the solar light. I would like to know if the way I did is correct or is there a different way to do this.

Step 1: I got the spectral irradiance data in excel (AM 1.5) and normalized the spectrum as follows. When normalize the values are between 0-100%.

Step 2: I choose the “Radiant flux” option to include the UV and near IR range. Above spectrum was added to the spectrum library. I choose the Lambertian type for a constant intensity.

I would like to confirm is there already a solar simulator in Ansys SPEOS that is in the UV to near IR range? Is the above method I did is correct?

Thank You


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