How to simulate Sloshing water using Dynamic mesh in ANSYS Fluent ?

AbdelrahmanOmarAbdelrahmanOmar Member Posts: 20

I am trying to model sloshing water in a tank in ANSYS Fluent using Wall motion. BUT it seems that System coupling is not responding to wall motion and it works only with Dynamic mesh.


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Does the sloshing alter the shape of the domain, or do you just want to see (model) the change in the flow?

  • AbdelrahmanOmarAbdelrahmanOmar Member Posts: 20

    The main purpose is to study the interaction between a structure (transient analysis) and Fluid in a tank (Fluent analysis), So it is a two way fluid-solid interaction

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Which is moving or changing shape? For the former Fluent has everything you need, for the latter intrinsic FSI (in Fluent) or system coupling as you're doing. The message suggests the Fluent model isn't converged so check the settings in there, you may need a smaller time step, better mesh or something else depending on what the cause of the problem is. One for @Steve !

  • AbdelrahmanOmarAbdelrahmanOmar Member Posts: 20

    The structure is moving due to dynamic forces, and the fluid must slosh then applying some forces on the structure itself.

    I will try changing the time step, i hope it helps

  • SteveSteve Forum Coordinator Posts: 131

    Hi @AbdelrahmanOmar , it sounds like the tank is being modelled in the absolute frame and is being moved in Transient Structural with a remote displacement, is that correct? It would be better to model the effect of the motion of the tank by applying acceleration to the cell zones in Fluent.

  • AbdelrahmanOmarAbdelrahmanOmar Member Posts: 20

    No, I did not move it in transient structural

    I've modeled them on Design modeler then suppressed the tank in Transient Structural the same thing for the main structure (suppressed in fluent)

    then I want to gather them again in system coupling to study the effect of the moving structure on the tank and the effect of sloshing water on the main structure

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