Magnetostatics: Small Equation solver pivot term at AZ degree of freedom

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/COM,ANSYS RELEASE 2020 R2      BUILD 20.2   UP20200601    22:19:45

 *** WARNING ***             CP =    0.578  TIME= 22:19:47

 Element shape checking is currently inactive. Issue SHPP,ON or     

 SHPP,WARN to reactivate, if desired.                   

 *** ERROR ***              CP =    1.656  TIME= 22:19:48

 There is at least 1 small equation solver pivot term (e.g., at the AZ  

 degree of freedom of node 12321). Please check for an insufficiently  

 constrained model.

I am trying to simulate a model in magnetostatics. I keep getting this error. Please help!


  • wrbulatwrbulat Forum Coordinator Posts: 22

    Make sure the entire modeled domain is a single part (i.e., it has shared topology on interfaces between separate bodies) so that the resulting mesh nodes on interfaces are used by elements on both sides of the interface. There is no "bonded contact" for edge flux (AZ DOF) formulated emag elements.

    Another thing is we typically make the external surface(s) of enclosures flux parallel (constrain AZ=0). This approximates the infinite extension of the surrounding domain beyond external boundaries.



  • jaydjayd Member Posts: 2

    I did make the enclosure a flux parallel. Also when i track down the node by id I get the node in the empty space (i.e. air) rather than on any body. Also I made the different parts of the model by slicing a single body. So is it possible for them to not have shared topologies?

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