How to add material nonlinearity for composite(orthotropic) materials in ANSYS?

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Good morning to all,

I am a research scholar working on nonlinear (geometric and material nonlinearity) buckling analysis in composite materials (GFRP). However, I modeled everything in ANSYS but, I want to add material non-linearity in the model. For isotropic material, multilinear isotropic hardening is given in ANSYS to include material nonlinearity. But, which is the better option for composite material nonlinearity?

It will be great if someone clear my queries..

Thank you


Venugopal b


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    It is possible to include nonlinear materials, such as plasticity, in a composite structure. The type of yield surface and hardening rule to use will be dictated by the test data you have.

    If you are using a metal composite, usually the yield surface will be orthotropic, in which case Hill potential could be used. The hardening could be isotropic hardening for monotonic loading with large strains or kinematic hardening for cyclic loading in small strain ranges for metals.

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    Dear gnagapp,

    Thank you for the information.

    I am using a Fiber-reinforced composite structure for my analysis. For this case, what kind of material model I can include in my analysis?

    IS any documentation is there?



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