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samikorkmazsamikorkmaz Member Posts: 2

Hi all,

I checked more than 30 posts for my project however could not solve it. I have a large lattice model that can be import as OBJ or cdb file, and also, I want to add more part with different material.

1) OBJ to Solid body

Because of large facets body, I can not convert it solid body nor use auto skin command. I want to analyze it as a shell element. I dont use student version.

2) CBD

If I import it as a cdb file, I can not define contact with other parts. When FE mesh is exported from lattice generator program, node sets can be defined and imported to ansys, however, I can not use these named selection to define contact with mesh generated in ansys.

Could you show me a way to analyze these large facets body? Almost I send two months with old post and videos but I have not figure it out.



  • AniketAniket Ansys Employee Posts: 1,211

    Thanks for your patience, how are you bringing in the cdb file? Is there a way in the lattice generator program to export the faces with named selection? Because if one writes a cdb from APDL with components, those are imported back in Workbench via external model.


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  • samikorkmazsamikorkmaz Member Posts: 2

    Hi Aniket thank you for your reply,

    i) Lattice Generator program can also generate FE mesh and export it as a cbd format ;however, the program does not let me to clean intersect or sharp edges.

    ii) Yes, Name sections can be export as a nodes. However, I can not define contacts to this named selections.

    I try to use auto skin command and then clean the inadequate faces with spaceclaim, but I can not remove all the small and inexact faces.

    Should I use different MESH generator rather than spaiceclaim ?

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