How to export k file in ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA 2020R2 Version?

pengchengyinpengchengyin binghamton universityMember Posts: 21

Hi all,

As the title, How to export a k file in ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA 2020R2 Version? I remember the way that how to export k file in old version, which is Main Menu -> Solution -> Write k file. However, I didn't find this option in the 2020R2 version. Does anyone can tell me how to export the k file in 2020R2 version?



  • skadamskadam Member Posts: 92

    Hello @pengchengyin ,

    Hope you are doing great!!

    Looking at the image you attached, it seems like Mechanical APDL tree outline. Can you please clarify if you are looking for exporting *.k file from APDL interface?

    If you want to export it from the WB interface then, you can do it using Write Solver File under LS-DYNA Pre ribbon, when you click on LS-DYNA in the tree outline. Please refer to following image.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know how it works.



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