Error: Operation would result in illegal T surface bodies

Panos_AiPanos_Ai Member Posts: 3

Hello, I am trying to create a solid body like in the figure 1.

The problem is that when I try to extrude I end up with this error:

In general I want it to be something like that :

Any help would be useful thanks


  • gnagappgnagapp Posts: 98Forum Coordinator


    extrude each semi-circular region separately

    That is, extrude the curves highlighted in the image separately. Repeat this for each region

    Once you create separate solids, you can select all the solids in the tree, right click and select "form new part" to connect the bodies using shared topology

    See if this helps

  • gnagappgnagapp Posts: 98Forum Coordinator


    Or see if you can create surface from sketch. Then select and extrude 3 faces . Select faces that do not share vertex


    Repeat this operation for the remaining 3 faces. Then use "form new part"

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