Reciprocating Motion Model

Hello, I am trying to do a 2D wear analysis. I will be looking at the wear of a reciprocating sphere on block design. To begin I have created the model shown below, using a 2D-axisymmetric setting. I was able to confirm hertzian contact stress with this model.

Moving forward I plan on using a displacement function to create the reciprocating motion. My problem is I believe I cannot do this under the axisymmetric setting, so I made the top surface axisymmetric, and the bottom surface plane stress with my desired thickness (This would be the surface I apply displacement to). Now I no longer obtain the correct hertzian contact (when the model is stationary).


Do you think it is possible to create the model as I am describing in 2D analysis? (I would like to avoid 3D)

Do you have any suggestions on how I can setup the model so that I still get the correct hertzian contact stresses, and can also still implement reciprocating motion?

Thank you.

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