Ansys Twinbuilder Bode plot

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currently I have to create a bode plot of a system and I am getting weird results.

Thats why I created a simple schematic of a lowpass (corner frequency = 477Hz, with R= 500Ohm and 470nF). The result is not as expected and I don't know where my mistake may be.

In the attachement is the schematic and the plot.

Thanks in advanced !

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  • rmagarglrmagargl Austin, TXPosts: 5Member

    I might suggest making a new plot, as that plot doesn't show the base quantity in the legend and your Gain plot is showing units of Volts on top of dB.

    When defining the Bode Plot: Choose -E2_in_lowside1.V as your base and VM_677Hz.V as the main quantity.

    Also, when defining the AC solution over a large frequency range, under Analysis -> AC, set the sweep type to decadic and set a reasonable number of simulations points per decade.

    Finally, you might want to check the values of your resistor and capacitor. It appears the values are defined in the name, to be safe, just confirm the same values are present in the component parameters. You can make just the value also visible on the schematic.

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