How to create an internal surface in a pipe for droplet injection(surface injection) in DPM?

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Greetings! I am trying to simulate annular flow in a pipe. I split the tube in 2 zone(stabilization zone and annular zone) .Now I need to inject droplet (surface injection in Discrete phase model) from internal surface of this two zones. The internal surface between this two zones should be used as injection surface.

I hide the stabilization zone and mark the inlet of annular zone as internal surface but when I am checking mesh in fluent ,fluent is throwing this error' velocity-inlet zone 2 has two adjacent cell zones'

Please see the attached image for more clarification.


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    Velocity boundaries are for external surfaces only. As some of the naming triggers boundary assignment in Fluent you need to be careful with the named selections in meshing. If you go back to meshing and change the label to "interior-injection" or similar the problem should go away.


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