imperfections on a coke can, NL FEM, Buckling, collaps

bokaJbokaJ Member Posts: 28

Hallo everyone,

I want to get the maximum force wich I can put on a can of coke until the structure collaps.

Therefore I started an explicit dynamic analyse. Bellow you can see my model:

I used a shell for my can and on the top and on the botton there is also a shell. You can see my contact bellow:

The shell on the botton is fixed with a body-ground joint.

The upper shell has a displacement as you can see below.

The model works pretty well, but the deformation does not look really realistic. In abaqus you can put imperfections at the structure so that the model buckels more realistic. I hope that my reaction force gets also more realistic then. Can anyone say me how I can model these imperfections in ansys?

Tahnk you very much



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