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Ansys2021R1 ansys211 immediately segfaults on RHEL8 — Ansys Learning Forum

Ansys2021R1 ansys211 immediately segfaults on RHEL8

payerlepayerle Member Posts: 5

I am a sysadmin trying to install Ansys2021R1 (fluent, etc) on a RHEL8 system. The installation proceeds without error (once I install libnsl package for, but after installation when I invoke the ansys211 command I immediately get a segfault. E.g.


rhel8: cd /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/ansys/bin

rhel8: ./ansys211

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

Image             PC               Routine           Line       Source  00007EFF086A1522 for__signal_handl    Unknown Unknown

libpthread-2.28.s 00007EFECE8C4DD0 Unknown              Unknown Unknown      00007EFECC0E72A6 strtok_r             Unknown Unknown    00007EFECB0E2591 __I_MPI___intel_s    Unknown Unknown    00007EFECAFA48F5 Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007EFECAFA7604 Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007EFECAF4B14A Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007EFECAF48D68 PMPI_Init_thread     Unknown Unknown       00007EFEE3FB64F7 cMPI_Init_thread     Unknown Unknown       00007EFEE39EABA2 cansMPI_Init_thre    Unknown Unknown       00007EFEE39EB394 ansmpi_cinit_        Unknown Unknown       00007EFEE39EB55F ansmpiinitialize_    Unknown Unknown       00007EFEE3CA96B5 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           0000000000416DF9 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004102E8 MAIN__               Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004101E2 main                 Unknown Unknown      00007EFECC0806A3 __libc_start_main    Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004100F9 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

Image             PC               Routine           Line       Source  00007F09D4653522 for__signal_handl    Unknown Unknown

libpthread-2.28.s 00007F099A876DD0 Unknown              Unknown Unknown      00007F09980992A6 strtok_r             Unknown Unknown    00007F0997094591 __I_MPI___intel_s    Unknown Unknown    00007F0996F568F5 Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007F0996F59604 Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007F0996EFD14A Unknown              Unknown Unknown    00007F0996EFAD68 PMPI_Init_thread     Unknown Unknown       00007F09AFF684F7 cMPI_Init_thread     Unknown Unknown       00007F09AF99CBA2 cansMPI_Init_thre    Unknown Unknown       00007F09AF99D394 ansmpi_cinit_        Unknown Unknown       00007F09AF99D55F ansmpiinitialize_    Unknown Unknown       00007F09AFC5B6B5 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           0000000000416DF9 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004102E8 MAIN__               Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004101E2 main                 Unknown Unknown      00007F09980326A3 __libc_start_main    Unknown Unknown

ansys.e           00000000004100F9 Unknown              Unknown Unknown

I am unsure how to proceed past this. Any assistance/suggestions would be appreciated.

We recently upgraded from RHEL6 to RHEL8, and my users are chomping at the bit for an Ansys version that runs on RHEL8 (as 2021R1 is supposed to as per



  • payerlepayerle Member Posts: 5

    My apologies for the late response.

    All prerequisites listed in the aforementioned URL are installed on the system, and the same segfault is still occurring.

  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 823

    @payerle The same issue occurs if you try launching from a directory outside the install, such as from your $HOME?

    cd $HOME


    What do you get if you try running

    /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/ansys/bin/launcher or launcher211

  • payerlepayerle Member Posts: 5

    I am confused by your comment. Are you saying that I should or that I should not launch ansys211 from the installation directory?

    Normally, I (and my users) would be launching from a directory outside the installation directory.

    I have confirmed that for running the ansys211 command, I get a segfault when launching from either $HOME or the installation directory; e.g.

    cd $HOME; /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/ansys/bin/ans211

    will segfault, and

    cd /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/ansys/bin; /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/ansys/bin/ans211

    will segfault.

    I get a bit further with the launcher script; in this case the window "initializing the launcher" appears, and shortly afterwards I get a popup error about not being able to connect to any license servers. I do not maintain the license servers here, but am contacting the owner of the license server to see if the ansys license installed supports 21.1 (I am able to connect to the license server port via telnet from the system in question, so not a firewall or other network issue).

    Note also the I receive the error

    /software/ansys/21.1/Linux64/v211/licensingclient/linx64/ansyscl: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: EVP_KDF_ctrl, version OPENSSL_1_1_1b

    in the console.  I am not sure if this is causing the licesning issue or not, but it appears to be due to Ansys shipping its own version of, but relying on the system installed  The current RHEL8 version of includes some new symbols found in the system, but not in the version shipped by Ansys (please see which discusses similar issues in other proprietary software packages).

  • Olga_BOlga_B Member Posts: 1

    @payerle Hi! I wonder if you solved the problem with /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: EVP_KDF_ctrl, version OPENSSL_1_1_1b? We have exactly the same but on CentOS 8.2. ANSYS could not provide me a satisfactory answer because CentOS 8.2 is not officially supported yet. It seems that we overcame other problems with installation, but this one persists. I would appreciate any help, solution like with Matlab did not work.

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