Installing Lumerical photonics simulation software

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Guidelines for installing Lumerical photonics simulation software on your machine.

Customer portal access: Customer registration/sign in required.

Software download: The Lumerical installation package can be downloaded from the ANSYS Customer Portal. In Ansys customer portal, go to Download > Current Release section. Select your Operating System. Download 'Lumerical'. The Ansys license manager installer is available from the 'Tools' section.

Alternately, the Lumerical installation package can be downloaded from the Lumerical Customer Downloads Page.

Ansys license manager installation: Installation video - Windows | Linux. For non-graphical installation on Linux, download and install the ANSYS Enterprise License Manager. Installation instructions for the Enterprise licensing package can be found here. The Ansys licensing online documentation can be found here.

Lumerical Installation: Installation guide - Windows | Linux

License configuration: Configure Lumerical to obtain the license from your Ansys license manager (license server).

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