Solis Dessicant Dehumidification.

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Hello good afternoon, I'm a student and I have a project to simulate solid dessicant with Ansys. but I don't know how to start. I want to investigate the dehumidification of silica gel, and see the ratio humidity process by using transient. did anyone have a tutorial example using Fluent ? thank you so much for your kindly attention everyone. have a nice day.


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    The starting point is defining what you want to model. Are you interested in the moisture in the gel, where is goes afterwards or....? What happens to the gel as it dries out?

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    this case for solid dessicant for example Silicon dioxideca (Silica).

    it's not about drying but process absorbing the water vapor from dry air. we can start from simple geometry, for example a ball (as silica).  

    so the Silica will absorb water vapor from dry air, then the result show the increasing ratio humidity (g/kg Dry Air) inside the silica.

    thank you so much for your kindly attention sir.

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    Have a look in the manuals for the multiphase models, but also review surface chemistry and source terms. We have several ways to do this, but as you're the one learning you can do all the reading. You'll need the background for the project report too.

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    do you have an example simulation for dehumidification case sir ? at least I have a tutorial to guide me first.

    thank you so much sir for guiding me sir. have a nice day.

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    No, as it's too wide a subject to have one. I recommend sitting down with your supervisor to work out exactly what is needed from the model.

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