Ansys Insight: Lumerical Knowledge Exchange end-of-life schedule

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Lumerical community support is moving from the Lumerical Knowledge Exchange (KX) to the Ansys Learning Forum (ALF). This transition is happening in three phases:

Phase 1: Initial launch

The Lumerical team will start providing support to users on Feb 16 in the newly created Photonics category. New and renewing customers should go to ALF for support.

Phase 2: Content migration

The Knowledge Exchange is more than just a place to ask questions. The thousands of past discussion threads are a great resource. We will migrate the most helpful threads from the KX to the ALF.

Phase 3: Shut-down KX

The last step is to permanently shut down the KX and exclusively switch to the Ansys Learning Forum. The date for phase three has not been finalized, but it will be sometime in 2021.

FAQ: Can I keep using the KX?

We encourage all users to start using ALF now. All new and renewing customers must switch to ALF. Existing customers that meet the following conditions may continue using the KX until Phase 3:

-         You must have an active license that was purchased before Feb 16, 2021

-         You must have registered for support against that license before Feb 16, 2021

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