Lumerical support is moving to the Ansys Learning Forum (ALF)

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Lumerical community support is moving from the Lumerical Knowledge Exchange (KX) to the Ansys Learning Forum (ALF). This move is part of ongoing efforts to integrate Lumerical products and services with the rest of the Ansys organization. We’re moving to a new site, but Lumerical’s team of Application Engineers will continue providing support to our customers. That said, there are a few important differences to understand.

You’ll have to create an ALF account. After that, go to the Photonics category and ask (or answer!) a question. Lumerical’s support registration is not required to access ALF.

Check out the Guidelines for posting on the Ansys Learning Forum.  A key difference between ALF and KX is that Ansys employees (including the Lumerical team) are not permitted to download any attachments (learn more here). Screenshots are recommended if you want feedback on the settings in your project files.

FAQ - Knowledge Exchange end-of-life schedule

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