Ansys Insight: How to define an arbitrary figure-of-merit (FOM) for optimization.

GWANGGWANG Ansys Employee Posts: 3
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There are two ways of doing so. The first method is to define the figure-of-merit in the “Advanced” tab under the “Figure of merit script” window. Please make sure you check the “Use figure of merit script” box when using this method.

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The other method, which is also the one I recommend in you case, is to pre-define this figure-of-merit inside the Root Element Edit window and then optimize this figure-of-merit. To pre-define the figure-of-merit, you need to add a new result in the “Edit Root Element” window under the “Results” tab. Then under the “Scripts” tab, in the “Analysis script” window, write the script to define the figure-of-merit and add it to the new result you have just defined. Then in the “Optimization” window, you can add this result as the figure-of-merit.

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